Grilled chicken business plan with calculations

Grilled chicken trading is a fairly profitable business, while the initial investment is relatively low , so almost everyone can try themselves as a businessman in this niche.

All you need is a desire multiplied by action. It will also not do without the knowledge that we will try to present in this article in an accessible way.

Pros and Cons of a Grilled Chicken Business

Every food service business has similar pros and cons that should be identified before you start building your business. Grilled chicken is no exception.


  • Relatively low start-up capital and monthly expenses;
  • does not require large areas for production;
  • you can choose the format “on wheels”;
  • short payback periods (year-1.5), if you open in a good place
  • at the start, you can work on your own.


  • Competition, in this niche it is very high, in almost every supermarket you can buy grilled chicken;
  • the difficulty of hiring good permanent employees;
  • increased attention from the inspection authorities;
  • perishable products.

Room selection

The first thing to decide is what format will your outlet have? Stationary or mobile?

For a stationary point, you need to rent a room. On the plus side, there is no need to resolve issues with the supply of electricity or obtaining permits for gas cylinders. But you need to accurately determine your target audience in the rented place, because moving to a new place will be troublesome and very costly.

Mobile point or food truck. Here is a significant plus that it is possible to move to various crowded events. Also, according to the season, you can change the location of the van.

When you have already decided on the type of grilled chicken point, you can start drawing up a business plan, it should contain the following items:

  • business registration;
  • lease of premises or land;
  • buying a kiosk or food truck;
  • purchase of the necessary equipment;
  • obtaining permission from Rospotrebnadzor and other necessary documents;
  • search for colleagues;
  • purchase of raw materials and consumables;
  • marketing and advertising.

Choosing a location for a retail outlet

The most important role is played by the location of your point. First of all, you should pay attention to such places:

  • markets and malls;
  • public transport stops in residential areas;
  • parks are popular in any city, because, as you know, you want to eat in the fresh air;
  • if you have a food truck, consider options near water bodies where swimming is allowed.

The proximity to these objects gives an additional plus to sales:

  • hostels;
  • medical institutions;
  • office buildings;
  • large shopping centers.

Documents for the manufacture and sale of grilled chickens

The next step is paperwork. Grilled chickens belong to the field of nutrition and documents must be drawn up carefully. If you do not want to bother yourself, contact the lawyers, but this will result in serious additional costs. It is necessary to issue a number of documents:

  • trade license;
  • activity registration. Now more and more often they are registering for a single tax with imputed income;
  • permission from sanitary and epidemiological supervision and medical books of employees
  • garbage collection agreement
  • passport for a trailer or food truck;
  • permission agreed with local authorities;
  • opinion of firefighters on the technical safety of your mobile point or rented premises.

An important point, if you decide to work on gas equipment, you need documents of a certificate of registration by the technical inspection of a gas installation, as well as an agreement for its service and repair.

Necessary equipment

For the manufacture, storage and sale, we need the following list of equipment:

  • grill apparatus;
  • refrigerator;
  • scales;
  • hood;
  • fan;
  • counter.
  • Van or trailer if you are planning a mobile hotspot.

Types of grills for cooking chickens

Initially, you can get lost here, but I hope to explain to you the most important thing to pay attention to:

  • the grill needs to be washed and cleaned very often. Therefore, we choose stainless steel or analogues;
  • gas is suitable for any outlet, but it will be necessary to spend money on HBO and permits;
  • Electric grills are more often used for fixed outlets. For mobile points, they can be used using a generator, but you will either have to increase the price of chickens or reduce the margin of trade.

The next factor is how the chicken will rotate, the quality of its preparation depends on it.

  • barbecue grills. In this case, the chicken is mounted on a skewer and spinning around its axis. Radiation of heating in this design is directed to the product itself;
  • carousel grills. In such a chamber, the carcass rotates according to the carousel principle, thereby providing an evenly browned grilled chicken. The radiation here is not directed at the product itself, but is evenly distributed throughout the chamber. The advantage is that in this type of grill, you can bake individual parts of grilled chickens, and not the whole carcass.

Some models are equipped with a convection function , which enhances the distribution of air and temperature throughout the volume of the chamber. This increases the speed and quality of cooking. However, such equipment is much more expensive.

carousel grill

Also the price will depend on performance. That is, from the number of chickens that can be cooked at the same time. An important addition will be a glass door on the grill apparatus.

Decide which type of control is convenient for you, mechanical or electronic.
Power and voltage. It is important to make sure that the power supply system can withstand.

Also, before choosing a grill, you need to calculate the place for installation. What is the best grill space for your space?


If you plan to open a small point for the preparation and sale of grilled chickens, you will need at least two employees to work in two shifts. You will definitely have to issue health books for everyone, so if the applicant already has one, it’s a big plus. There are no special requirements for personnel, but no one has canceled common truths:

  • neat appearance and cleanliness;
  • competent colloquial speech;
  • politeness and a smile under any circumstances will help win over even the most picky client;
  • Experience in food service would be a plus.

How much to invest at the start

Let’s say you decide to buy a skewer-type gas grill – 45,000 rubles. Related equipment, which was written above on average – 85,000 rubles. Purchase of meat (it is important to find a good supplier and of course with an attractive price) and seasonings for a month 180,000 rubles. Registration of business 10.000 rub. Advertising signs and other expenses 50,000 rubles.

Here you can also calculate for yourself whether it will be rent and payment for the premises or a trailer kiosk for mobile trade. The price for a trailer on average can be about 170,000 rubles. Room rentals can vary greatly. An important role is played by the city, district, the need for repairs for the premises. Therefore, we will not consider rent. In the amount of 550.000 rubles. excluding rent, but with the purchase of a trailer.

Also, do not forget about the monthly expenses, which will include utility bills, staff salaries and the purchase of consumables. It is even better to prepare an item of expenses for equipment repair in advance. It is better to be prepared for such unforeseen expenses in advance.

How much can you earn on grilled chickens

If you make approximate calculations and you sell 20 grilled chickens per day at 220 rubles per kg per month, the revenue will be ~ 170,000 rubles . The final profit after deducting all costs is ~40 thousand rubles. and we get that the business will pay off in 12-14 months. But do not forget that these are approximate calculations and there are many factors affecting the profitability of a business.

Advertising and marketing

To make your point competitive and not get lost against the background of others,
create your own exclusive marinade recipe. The best advertisement is a quality offer. No advertising will help if your chicken is not very good.

  • Buy only quality chicken, have a backup supplier in case the main one fails you.
  • expand your range. What can your customers take besides chicken to take with them? Fresh green salads always look advantageous against the backdrop of well-baked grilled chicken.
  • The level of customer service must be top notch. Friendly staff make you want to come back again.
  • cleanliness and order in everything, do not allow carelessness among employees. Dirt scares away customers.
  • delivery. Discount. Stock. Tastings. All this can lift the business to a level above the competition.

It is worth paying special attention to the rapidly developing social networks, such as Instagram, and make a page for your business project.

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