Dried fruits and nuts store business plan

Surely each of you has seen glass shops on the islands of supermarkets, through the transparent walls of which you can see dried fruits, nuts and spices. At these points, you can pick up delicacies for any, even the most sophisticated taste. Fruit chips, dried apricots, prunes and a wide range of nuts, all this delight will not leave anyone indifferent.

But in addition to taste and naturalness, the products also bring good income to the owners of such outlets. It is the dried fruit business that we will analyze in this article.

Pros and cons of dried fruit business

Any business has its strengths and weaknesses, let’s first outline briefly.

Business benefits include:

  • Low competition compared to fresh fruit trade;
  • Growing trend for healthy and proper nutrition. Increasingly, people prefer not sweets for a snack, but dried fruits or nuts, so the demand for the product is growing every day;
  • The product retains a good appearance for a long time and has a long shelf life;
  • In the autumn-winter period, fresh fruits rise in price greatly, so sales of dried fruits double.

The disadvantages of this business include:

  • Seasonality. In summer and early autumn, sales decline. But if during this period you add other products to your assortment, for example: nuts, seeds, snacks, spices, dried herbs, then the risk of downtime and loss of profit is dramatically reduced.
  • Difficulty in finding a place to rent. Most often, rental prices in shopping centers are so high that even trading becomes simply not profitable.
  • Difficulty finding staff. We cannot pay a high salary at the start, it is quite difficult to find a competent salesperson who is ready to work for an illusory %.

Step-by-step business plan for opening a dried fruit retail outlet

So, we firmly set ourselves the goal of entering this business. To do this, we need a clear plan that will help us build the business in the right sequence. and also, do not miss the little things that can later lead us to financial ruin . Let’s move on to specific points.

Choosing a location and premises for opening a point

Dried fruits are most often bought at small points or specialized stalls, because the quality of the product is much higher here.

According to these criteria, we should evaluate the location for our business:

  • District of the city. Who lives and works here, what is the solvency of the people who walk these streets.
  • Presence of points of direct and indirect competitors. Opening the door to the door is not so much a bad form, but the division of the target audience. Moreover, a competitor appeared there before you and, perhaps, has already managed to earn customer loyalty. “Move” it will not be so easy.
  •   Actually, the availability of suitable premises for placing a point for trade.

Point in the mall

A small island in a shopping center is one of the most popular options for running a dried fruit and nut business. In addition to dried fruits, berries and nuts, the assortment includes the sale of spices, marshmallows, halva, etc. The rent for the premises and profitability depend on the promotion and traffic of the shopping center.


The following options are suitable for retailing dried fruits on the market: a separate place with a counter, a stall or a small shop . Approximate area – 15-25 m² . The cost of renting a place depends on the patency of the market and the population of the city. In large cities, the cost of rent is 50,000 – 60,000 rubles .

rent of premises for trade in dried fruits

We advise you to rent a separate room if the price is not too high, so you will have the opportunity to expand the range, thereby increasing sales.

Selection of furniture and equipment

In any business, you need to start with advertising. A beautiful bright sign, advertising banners are what will attract new customers to your store.

On average, you will need about 50,000 rubles to purchase new furniture . There is an option to find used furniture (counters, racks, showcases, scales, etc.) on popular bulletin boards, in which case you will save about half. You will have to spend 10,000 rubles on the cash register and 5,000 rubles on the scales.

Important to know: you need to store dried fruits in boxes made of wood or cardboard. In order for the goods to retain a presentable appearance and freshness, parchment is lined at the bottom of the boxes.

When your business starts to generate income, you can think about renting a room for the production of dried fruits and berries. You will need additional equipment and furniture: drying cabinets, a sink, several tables for cutting products, a packaging machine.


Before you can get into dried fruit retailing, you will need to find staff. For one point, 1 – 2 sellers are enough, or you can trade behind the counter yourself. The optimal schedule is 2/2 . The seller’s income consists of a salary (approximately 10,000 – 15,000 rubles), plus a bonus for sales. On average, earnings per month are 20 – 25,000 rubles. You yourself set the requirements for candidates, but focus on the main ones: honesty, diligence, friendliness.

If you decide to expand your production and rent a workshop for the production of dried berries and fruits, you cannot do without additional employees: sorters, packers, storekeepers and a driver. To promote your business online, you will need the help of an SMM specialist, to set up advertising – a targetologist.


At the initial stage of running a dried fruit business, you need to decide on the purchase of the most popular goods (to analyze which goods are in demand in your region). This information can be scouted at the wholesale bases of your city. Over time, you can add variety to the assortment and add exotics.

Top popular dried fruits:

  • Plums (Prunes)
  • Apricots (Apricots)
  • Grapes (raisins)
  • Dates
  • Apples
  • Pears

Gradually, you can dilute the assortment with other dried fruits: melon, watermelon, mango, kiwi, pineapple, dried mushrooms, mint, etc. Many entrepreneurs add halva, tea, honey to the sale.

Supplier selection

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying goods from suppliers is the availability of certificates . For stalls and shops selling dried fruits, it is not necessary to look for large suppliers. For the retail sale of dried fruits in small outlets, it is enough to purchase the product at wholesale food depots in your city.

Over time, you, as a regular customer, will make good discounts. When your business begins to grow rapidly, you should think about opening additional points of sale . At this stage, it would be right to start working not with wholesale depots, but with large manufacturers. The markup on goods ranges from 70% to 120% .

In the future, you can think about your own production of dried fruits and berries – this process is quite simple. Self-production will allow you to save money and trade in the freshest and highest quality goods. The cost of drying equipment will pay off very quickly. For own production, fruits and berries can be purchased from farmers.

Business registration

A convenient and popular option among entrepreneurs is the opening of an individual entrepreneur . The process of collecting documents and opening has become easier several times. The form of taxation is simplified – 6% or the difference from income and expense – 15% . It is no longer necessary to duplicate documents for the MFC and the tax office.

The MFC and the tax office switched to electronic interaction, which greatly simplified the task for future entrepreneurs. It is enough to contact only one of these services. Within 3 working days you will receive a ready answer. In 2021, the state duty for opening an IP is 800 rubles.

If you do not want to do everything yourself, you can contact a special company that will prepare your documents in a short time. The cost of such a service is about 2800-3000 rubles.

Conditions of the legislation of the Russian Federation for the grocery business:

  • All products must have quality certificates;
  • Contracts of SES and fire organization are obligatory;
  • A document confirming that you have registered an IP;
  • Document confirming tax registration;
  • A special document confirming the registration of the cash register;
  • An agreement confirming the right of ownership or lease of premises;
  • An application to the administration for the issuance of a document on entering your shopping island in the register of the shopping center.

To fix your business in the tax office, the future entrepreneur must enter the necessary OKVED codes:

  • 46. ​​31 wholesale trade in fruits and vegetables;
  • 47.11 retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco products in non-specialized stores;
  • 47.21 retail sale of fruits and vegetables in specialized stores;
  • 47.81 retail trade in non-stationary trade facilities and markets in food, beverages and tobacco products.

Gift sets of dried fruits

In any business, it is necessary to look for options to diversify the assortment. Gift sets made from dried fruits and nuts are gaining popularity in recent years. It would be wrong to miss this trading format, you can create gift sets on your own or temporarily conclude an agreement for sale with craftsmen who are already on the market. But in this case, the margin will be significantly lower.

dried fruit gift sets

Starting capital and profit point

On average, opening a point, purchasing goods, equipment, preparing documents will cost 500,000 rubles.

Let’s look at the numbers in more detail:

  • 180,000 – 200,000 rubles – the initial purchase of goods;
  • 75,000 rubles – rent;
  • 50,000 rubles – salary of employees;
  • 50,000 rubles – purchase of equipment;
  • 10,000 rubles – cash desk;
  • 5,000 rubles – scales;
  • 30,000 rubles – signboard, banner, advertising budget;
  • 3,000 rubles – opening an IP.
  • In total, we got 493,000 rubles.

Monthly expenses:

  • 50,000 – 60,000 rubles for rent of premises;
  • 50,000 rubles FOG;
  • 5000 rubles – utility bills;
  • 180,000 – 200,000 rubles – the turnover of the purchase of goods.

Business profit, as we wrote above, depends on the season. Income rises in autumn. For example, the cost of prunes in the purchase is 150 – 260 rubles per kg, if you sell 5 – 7 kg per day with a markup of 70%, then your profit will be 20,000 – 30,000 rubles. per month and this is only one item.

Possible problems and risks of business

  • financial cushion is needed. Because all summer and early autumn there is a decline in sales. Trade in nuts, gift sets, honey, spices, dried herbs, tea, etc. will help keep profits. In practice, according to current entrepreneurs, the retail trade in dried fruits regularly brings good income.
  • Illiquid goods . The future entrepreneur needs to know which product is most likely to be bought. Always pay attention to the appearance of the product. An unpresentable appearance will repel a potential buyer from your product.
  • Increasing the cost of rent . 80% of success is the right choice of point for the sale of products. You need to make sure that there are no competitors nearby and that the rental price is not too high.

Of course, all these risks can be leveled with the help of competent planning and business management.

In general, dried fruit retailing is a profitable business with a relatively small start-up investment.

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