Business Plan: Keratin Hair Straightening

Keratin hair straightening , or keratinization, is a technique that involves deep healing and straightening of hair for a period of 3 to 6 months. It is used by many of the fair sex, who are ready to invest in personal care. But most often, owners of fluffy and curly hair resort to the straightening service, because after it even the most naughty curls become even and smooth .

The keratization procedure requires professional training and certain skills, so it is problematic to perform it yourself at home. At the same time, hair straightening in the salon will cost a lot, from 6 to 9 thousand rubles . Turning to private masters helps to reduce the cost of care procedures. In this article, we will try to give detailed information on how to start a keratin hair straightening business .

Pros and cons of a keratin hair straightening business

Considering that women will always strive to take care of themselves, starting a beauty business seems like a worthwhile investment . But every business has its pitfalls. Consider the main pros and cons.


  • Small start-up costs . If you start working at home, for the first time you need to invest in courses and purchase professional equipment and a set of cosmetics. If you want to open your own salon, then you can first rent a ready-made beauty salon and test a niche without buying a room.
  • Self employed and flexible schedule. Nobody controls you. You decide what time to start and finish work, when to take a day off, how many clients to accept. Plus, all the income goes to you too.
  • Great development opportunities. You can start with keratin hair straightening services, then take additional courses and add, for example, a hair Botox treatment. The beauty industry does not stand still, new technologies and services appear every day.
  • Scalability. You can start working as a private hairdresser, hosting at home, and in the long term, open your own beauty salon and provide a wide range of services: get trained in hair nanoplasty, hire manicure, tattoo, cosmetologists, etc.
  • Simplicity in terms of accounting and tax accounting. There is no need to open an LLC, it is enough to register an individual entrepreneur or self-employment, which can be done in 1 day. At first, you can not hire an accountant, but try to figure it out on your own.


  • High competition. Both when working at home and in your own beauty salon, you will have to constantly monitor the prices of competitors, improve the quality of your services and develop. Especially if you work in a large city with a population of more than 100,000 people. At the same time, opening a business in a sparsely populated area is less profitable.
  • Low business margins. High spending on consumables, rent of premises, utility bills and salaries of employees often eats up all the profits. In order for a business not to be on the verge of profitability, a constant flow of customers is needed. At the first stages, it is easier to reach payback if the owner of the salon is a master himself.
  • Price dumping. Newcomers may need to artificially lower prices compared to competitors to attract customers. In order not to go into the negative, it is recommended to offer low prices as part of promotions and special offers that are limited in time. As soon as you build up a customer base, promotions can be stopped or arranged less frequently.
  • Personnel turnover. Often the masters of beauty salons do not stay in one place for a long time. They may gain experience at the expense of the salon’s clients and leave to work for themselves or to a higher-paying salon. Therefore, you will need a permanent talent pool and a special approach to your employees so that they want to work for you.
  • Fluctuating client flow. If you only deal with the keratin hair straightening procedure, you may encounter a lack of clients for some days, and sometimes even weeks. Especially when you consider that the effect lasts from 3 to 6 months. It is necessary to constantly search for new customers and invest in advertising. Therefore, it is wise to take additional training, for example, in hair lamination.

Technology and features of the keratization procedure

Healthy human hair is 78% keratin , meaning it is a natural component of our hair. Therefore, the keratin straightening procedure is so popular among women. Keratin penetrates into the structure of each damaged hair, filling the cracks, and with subsequent exposure to a warm environment, gives the hair elasticity. This creates a reliable protective layer that lasts for a long time.

It is necessary to carefully choose a keratin-containing agent for the procedure, guided by the quality of the composition. Give preference to brands without formaldehyde.

The keratization technology consists of the following steps:

  1. The hair is thoroughly combed and washed with a deep cleansing shampoo, which allows you to remove as much as possible from the hair the remnants of dust and styling products;
  2. Uniform application of a special keratin product along the entire length of slightly dried hair, retreating 1.5 – 2 cm from the hair roots;
  3. Drying hair with a hairdryer, followed by processing each strand with an iron at a temperature of 230 degrees.

The duration of the procedure is from 1.5-2 hours or more, depending on the length and thickness of the hair, and lasts from 3 months to six months.

It is important to tell the client how to properly care for hair after keratinization and choose high-quality products: shampoo and balms should not contain sulfate.

Step by Step Business Plan for Starting a Keratin Hair Straightening Business

If you decide to open your own keratin hair straightening business, you need to pay attention to the following points:

drawing up a business plan
  • Analyze the demand for the service and competition in the niche;
  • Decide on the list of services that you will provide to clients;
  • Decide whether you will provide services at home or rent a special room;
  • Prepare the necessary documents;
  • Purchase the necessary equipment, supplies and furniture;
  • Hire qualified personnel, or train employees without experience;
  • Invest in advertising and marketing.

Let’s consider each item in more detail.

Demand and competition analysis

Before investing in your business, you need to carefully analyze the beauty industry market and your competitors. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses, you can build your own effective development strategy.

Try to identify your direct competitors, where three parameters coincide at the same time:

  • service list;
  • price for similar services;
  • the target audience.

After that, analyze what is your advantage over them, what you can do better. This is what you should build on when building your business strategy for the development of the salon. You can:

  • form the best prices for services;
  • to focus in your salon on services that competitors do not provide;
  • focus on the interests of a particular group of clients and work directly in this direction.

We define the list of services

As a novice master, you can only provide keratin hair straightening services. But sooner or later you will want development, and your clients – new procedures. What other services of the modern beauty industry can be offered to them:

  • Hair Botox is a relatively new and very popular procedure, which is visually close to the effect of keratin straightening. But unlike keratinization, which is aimed at changing the hair externally, Botox is used to heal the hair from the inside.
  • Hair nanoplasty is one of the varieties of keratin straightening, which is distinguished by the use of products with natural ingredients for the procedure: amino acids, collagen and vegetable proteins. Therefore, nanoplasty is absolutely harmless, it can be done even for pregnant women and children.
  • Hair lamination is the treatment of curls with a special composition that envelops each hair with a waterproof film, which gives it smoothness and a beautiful shine.

You can also provide regular hairdressing services for haircuts and styling, and later hire specialists in manicure , tattooing, cosmetic procedures, etc. to the salon.

Deciding on space and location

A novice master can provide services at home , which will save the budget. In one of the rooms, equip a personal office where procedures will be performed. Prepare the apartment for the arrival of customers: it should be clean and tidy. And the presence of a comfortable chair will be another reason to come to you again.

Another option is to rent a workplace in a beauty salon . In this case, the income will be much higher than with official work for the salon. You can set your own pricing system for clients and work on a schedule that is convenient for you. But do not forget about the need to pay rent even for the time when you did not work due to lack of customers or due to illness.

When you start to receive a stable income and collect a base of regular customers, you can invest in renting a separate room for the provision of services, and in the future consider opening your own beauty salon. It is ideal to rent a room within walking distance from the metro or public transport stops. For customers with their own vehicles, the availability of parking spaces will be a plus. The area of ​​​​the room can be small, 15-18 sq.m. is enough .

Be sure to have sewerage, water supply and good ventilation with a forced exhaust system . The area of ​​the working area can be calculated based on 6 sq.m. for one master. Be prepared to spend money on cosmetic repairs. And don’t forget the sign so the salon is easy to find.


In order to officially conduct commercial activities and avoid problems with the tax authorities, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur or self-employed (if you do not plan to hire additional staff) and choose a simplified taxation system. For individual entrepreneurs, it will be necessary to provide the following documents to the tax office:

  • Application form No. P21001 for registration as an individual entrepreneur;
  • Copy of Russian passport;
  • Receipt of payment of state duty.
  • Draw up a lease agreement if you are going to rent a room for the provision of services.
  • Obtain permission from service organizations.

Equipment and consumables used must have certificates of conformity, passports and certificates.

Purchase of necessary equipment and consumables

A novice master will need to purchase the following minimum set of materials:

  • Protective mask-respirator for the master;
  • A set of nitrile disposable gloves to protect hands;
  • A set of plastic combs and hair clips;
  • Brush for applying the composition;
  • Ceramic or glass utensils for cooking;
  • Special shampoo for hair cleansing before the procedure;
  • Keratin-containing agent;
  • iron;
  • hair dryer;
  • Armchair for the client;
  • Mirror;
  • Peignoir to avoid getting the composition on clothes;
  • Towel.

This set is suitable if you have several clients per week. With a larger flow of customers, it is necessary to have several spare sets so as not to waste time cleaning and disinfecting instruments.

In the case of renting a room, it will be necessary to invest in additional equipment: purchase an extractor for fumes, a hair washer, a rack for storing formulations and scales.

Hiring and training staff

After expanding the client base and deciding to open your own salon, you will need to hire additional masters. Since the service of keratin hair straightening (like many other beauty and hairdressing services) is not subject to licensing, it is up to you to hire qualified staff with diplomas or invest in the training of masters without experience .

If you plan to hire a cosmetologist, he must have a special medical education and relevant certificates. And all salon employees should have medical books on hand .

To avoid staff turnover, do not forget to send employees to master classes, help them improve their skills and grow professionally.

Advertising and marketing

The best advertisement for a beginner is word of mouth, so information about a good master will not go unnoticed and will attract new customers to you. You also need to create a commercial account on social networks and promote your services. Later, delegate this work to an SMM specialist.

To draw attention to the new beauty salon, install a bright sign and a banner about the opening on a passable street . Print flyers and hire promoters to hand them out in busy areas near the salon. Create a salon website and start commercial pages on social networks. At the opening, you can hold promotions with discounts for first customers. And in the future to please already regular customers with special offers and discounts.

Business risks

In conclusion, I would like to once again highlight the dangers that may await beauty masters.

If you work from home :

  • Narrowing the target audience . Not all customers are ready to be served at home, especially the premium segment customers. And many prefer the atmosphere of a beauty salon;
  • Business transparency . Complaints from competitors or neighbors may lead to audits from the tax authorities, which will result in sanctions if you work without registration of IP or self-employment;
  • Responsibility to clients for services rendered. It is necessary to have an airbag if one day you have to make amends.

If you have opened a beauty salon :

  • Room selection . The ideal option would be a separate room located on the first line. Carefully check legal cleanliness, BTI, ownership, etc. And also give the lease agreement to lawyers for verification.
  • Team selection . You should start looking for staff three weeks before the opening. This will help to avoid the situation that people will scatter to other places or, conversely, you will not have time to find them.
  • Detailed study of the concept . You should not open a luxury salon in a residential area or in places where the beauty market is oversaturated with competitors. Also, do not forget to open a current account for the organization in advance and develop a corporate identity for the salon.

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