Business plan for a computer club with calculations

Computer clubs are a place for hangouts for young people and not only. And this is a fact. And also the fact that 90% of Russian investments in e-sports are accounted for by such clubs.

You can call such an institution in different ways a computer club, an e-sports center, a gaming club or a computer games room, the essence of this does not change.

What does it take to open a club? It is necessary to think over all the important aspects in advance: the legal side, the lease of premises, equipment, the concept, the target audience, etc. Let’s take a closer look and draw up a business plan.

Business pros and cons

Cons in this niche:

  • Competition that is only getting bigger;
  • Large capital investments at the start;
  • Payback period 1-2 years;
  • Dependence on expensive equipment that wears out quickly.

From the pros:

  • Growing demand;
  • Ease of organization and business model;
  • Ability to provide a wide range of services.

Computer club step by step business plan

Any business starts with analytics, planning and calculation of every aspect “on the shore” until money is invested and pitfalls can be avoided and annoying mistakes can be avoided.

Demand and competition analysis

Demand is growing, but competition is already high. Why do people go to clubs?

Esports has taken over the world. After being recognized as an official sport in Russia, it is only gaining momentum. eSports centers are ready-made platforms for training teams and participating in tournaments.

But people spend time in computer clubs not only for the sake of games, but for the sake of communication and recreation in comfortable conditions for them.

Well, another aspect of why demand is growing is the rise in prices for components for home computers. Gaming machines are a luxury item . Buying a gaming computer with sufficient power in 2021 will cost an average of 100,000 rubles. This does not include the monitor, chair and other paraphernalia.

The target audience:

  • schoolchildren (13-17 years old) – 54%
  • students (18-24 years old) – 29%
  • young people (25 – 35 years old) – 11%
  • older category (35+) – 6%

As for competition: yes, it is high and rapidly developing. According to statistics, the number of clubs has quadrupled over the past two years. But if you choose the right place, get a little creative , competently approach the services provided and the pricing policy, the result will not be long in coming. The computer club will be popular, have its own client, and, consequently, bring income to its owner.

We determine the list of services provided

The success of the club will largely depend on what to offer customers.

  • The main service is hourly rental of computers and game consoles.
  • You can offer separate rooms for the company.
  • Providing venues for tournaments.
  • Digitization;
  • Typing and printing of texts;
  • Xerox.

The sale of related products should also be taken into account. Opening a mini-bar will increase income and help create an atmosphere of comfort, but it is expensive in terms of time and money in terms of licenses and permits.

You can also organize computer literacy courses . This is an actual direction, despite the large number of IT centers and online schools. It will help to attract an additional audience, cooperate with the administration and schools.
You can hire a technical specialist and provide equipment repair services .

Pricing policy is an important point. You need to carefully select the cost of services. It must be optimal for customers. The cost is affected by the duration of the visit and the time of the visit.

The cost of one hour in the hall of computer games in the regions on average varies from 60 to 120 rubles per hour . Well, then we turn on marketing and creative: “morning”, “afternoon”, “evening”, “night”, “2 hours”, “3 hours”, “all night”, etc. Various promotions are also successful: ”Bring a friend!”, ”Company is cheaper!”, etc.

Finding a room and choosing a location

Choosing the right computer club location and adequate rent can be the key to success. When choosing between several locations in the city, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

We choose the area. It should be safe, especially if you plan to work at night.

  • High permeability.
  • We focus on the target audience. We look at the location of schools, technical schools, universities in the district.
  • Good transport interchange, as well as the availability of parking spaces, if they are aimed not only at the school audience.
  • We also pay attention to the nearest commercial facilities: copy centers, shops, cafes, leisure centers, etc. It is important to consider the pros and cons that they can bring.
  • If there are no competitors, great, if there is, we study.
  • Access to high speed internet.
  • Room renovation.

To begin with, we determine the size of the room . For a computer room, we need a room at the rate of 4 sq.m per seat.

It is unlikely that you will be able to find a ready-made room, so you need to be ready for repairs. But if you already have cosmetic repairs, then you should pay attention to:

  • Finishing walls and ceilings;
  • Humidity level;
  • ventilation system;
  • Availability of climate control;
  • Wiring should be given special attention;
  • The room must comply with fire safety requirements.

The unique style and cozy atmosphere in the club will help you stand out and attract customers. An experienced designer will make the project not only unique, but also use the space to the maximum so that there is no loss of usable area and every meter brings profit.


Type of ownership. To register an individual entrepreneur (OKVED 72.60, 74.84,95.03), you must submit an application to the local administration, then pay the state duty and register with the tax service. Optimal system of taxation of the USN (taxable base “income”).

When attracting investors, it is necessary to register an LLC. In this case, you will need a charter, memorandum of association and a document on the authorized capital.
A license to conduct business in this area is obtained from Roskomnadzor, because it refers to communication services.

Software license. Trade license if you plan to trade related products: flash cards, DVDs, computer accessories.

  • The conclusion of the fire department.
  • The conclusion of the SES, if it is planned to serve food and drinks.
  • 24-hour activity must be approved by the regional police department.
  • To register employees, it is necessary to register an employment contract in different instances. A tax card is opened for each employee and a work book is issued.
  • You can also take out insurance.

Purchase of computer equipment

The purchase of equipment for a computer club requires serious investments. 20 – 25 seats will be enough to provide the club with a load, and visitors – the opportunity to come there with a group.

It is better to choose computers based on the requirements of popular games played by a potential audience. The rest depends on the budget. It is better to buy new modern units that will provide high speed and excellent graphics. And for a long time they will be able to satisfy the technical requirements of games and the appetites of users.

Advanced equipment is expensive, and given the factor of increased wear and tear of equipment, the payback period of the club will be longer. Equipment in computer clubs is subject to renewal every 2-4 years. Do not forget about the risks that may arise: the negligent attitude of customers and many random moments due to negligence.

esports center as a business

If the budget is limited, you can choose the ”golden mean” – the ratio of decent quality and the best price. When buying, you should pay attention to the power and storage capacity. It is important that computers are as quiet as possible. And another important point that is often overlooked is the possibility of a future upgrade.

When purchasing equipment, one should take into account the target audience and what factors in technology are in priority for it. Perhaps it is worth considering an adjacent option: the main hall and the VIP area with the appropriate equipment.

In addition to system blocks from equipment, you will need:

  • monitors;
  • keyboards;
  • headphones;
  • columns;
  • computer mice;
  • game console.

If the club provides additional services, it is worth purchasing office equipment:

  • printers;
  • Fax;
  • scanner;
  • copiers.

Purchase of furniture for a computer club

Design implies a single concept. All furniture must be made in the same style.
The hall is usually divided into zones:

  • reception
  • game Zone
  • rest zone

Reception is the “visiting card” of a computer club, we focus on it. The furniture there should be bright and eye – catching , but at the same time functional . At the reception is the administrator’s seat. It is also desirable to provide a place for storing things of visitors.

Furniture in the play area should be compact, physiological and practical. It should be convenient for visitors to spend several hours sitting at the computer. We take into account that the optimal width of the workplace is not less than 90 cm . So the player will not interfere with those who are sitting at neighboring computers.

The seating area is equipped with sofas and tables. Furniture design, its configuration, content depends on the overall style.

Purchase of the necessary minimum software and installation of current games

To avoid penalties, a gaming computer club must contain only licensed software.
You will need the following licensed software:

  • Software for running programs locally and over the network;
  • Popular games with pre-installed clients;
  • Software for monitoring each client;

Purchase and installation of current games

First of all, these should be games to attract a new audience to a computer club. Most of the visitors come to play. You can buy test novelties, but the main part of the game library should be games for online battles.

Here are the top eight games of 2020-2021 in terms of the number of tournaments held and the prize pool:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • PUBG 3

Computer club staff

The staff of the club must have:

  • Administrator-cashier, who communicates with customers, makes payments. He must be qualified, sociable, be able to handle technology;
  • Administrator assistant (hall maintenance);
  • system administrator;
  • cleaning lady;
  • Accountant staff or under the contract;
  • Security guard;
  • Technical specialist.

If the institution works at night, the staff increases.

To control the business, special management programs have been developed that will help you keep a budget, track your customer base, control the purchase process, etc. The owner receives reports on orders, club occupancy online and much more to help streamline the process. Trust but verify!

Marketing strategy

The name of a computer club should be sonorous and memorable.

For promotion and promotion, it is worth using all marketing tools and testing them with minimal initial investment. Marketing is both psychology and economics.

It is worth paying attention to targeted advertising in social networks, aimed at a specific target audience.

Run the first promotion before the opening. It will focus on recognition. Hang posters in the area where the club is located, publications in the media, advertising on radio, public transport and social networks.
On the eve of the opening, distribute flyers, post ads and social networks again.

The start of the project will depend on how the presentation goes. Reputation and “word of mouth”
work further . But without heating, the business will come to a minimum. It is worth connecting promotions, special offers, organizing tournaments for popular games, inventing various tricks, and being creative.

The club should have its own website with feedback, a page on social networks, where up-to-date information is published and customers can leave feedback.
Perfectly warm up the interest of the forums.

How much to invest at the start

And so we will calculate how much you need to invest at the start in order to open a computer club.

Initial costs:

  • Room rental. Often asked to pay up to 3 months in advance.;
  • Design project + repair;
  • Registration;
  • Purchase of computers – 20 units. You can save money if you buy spare parts and assemble the machines yourself.;
  • Monitors and related paraphernalia;
  • Office equipment;
  • Furniture;
  • Cash machine;
  • Acquisition of licensed software;
  • Signboard;
  • Leased line and network card;
  • advertising campaign costs;

Purchase of goods for the bar. The total amount of initial expenses varies from 2 to 3 million rubles.

Monthly expenses:

  • Rent;
  • Communal payments;
  • salaries for employees;
  • Taxes and deductions to funds;
  • Equipment depreciation;
  • Advertising;
  • Bar equipment;
  • Purchase of consumables;
  • Unexpected expenses.
  • salary of employees

The total amount of monthly expenses is 300 – 400 thousand rubles.

Profitability of a computer club

Revenue will depend on:

  • City size;
  • Location;
  • The presence of competitors;
  • club occupancy;
  • established rates;
  • Additional services.

With a competent approach, the average monthly profit varies in the range of 400-500 thousand rubles .
Business in this niche is considered promising and highly profitable. Average payback 10 -15 months . But great opportunities can be achieved only by opening the network.

Should You Consider a Computer Club Franchise?

Many entrepreneurs in Moscow and in the regions are interested in the computer club franchise. But the question arises: to spend money on a promoted brand or invest in the development of a personal business.

The franchise has its advantages:

  • ready-made design project, in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail;
    famous name;
  • effective advertising and advantageous positioning;
  • provision of trusted suppliers and loyalty system.

Granting a franchise does not mean that you do not have to work. In order for a computer club to make a profit, you need to keep your finger on the pulse because the risks are high. The promised payback periods are not always confirmed . Before you take advantage of the franchise, you should carefully study the market, getting real numbers.

If you are confident in yourself, you have developed a clear and thoughtful business plan and a lot of ideas, then it is worth investing in your business, team and experience.
Business at a computer club is considered promising and highly profitable. But great opportunities can be achieved only by opening the network.

Business risks

  • Progress. Computer technology does not stand still.;
  • Loss of interest – due to a drop in demand .;
  • Competition;
  • Rent increase;
  • Mass equipment failure;
  • Rising prices for components;
  • Crisis, pandemic and other emergency situations;
  • Theft.

A well-designed business plan will minimize risks.

According to analysts, the computer business will peak by 2023. And that’s where the strongest will survive. There is still time.

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