Business plan for a children’s playroom with detailed calculations

Are you thinking about opening a children’s playroom and want to understand how attractive this idea is as a business niche and whether it will work as a plus for a project in your city?

Looking ahead, we note that risks are present in any business, and entrepreneurs constantly face them. But if you approach the issue competently, prepare a business plan, make calculations, think over a strategy, you can avoid most of them.

Business pros and cons 

In almost every shopping center you can find a children’s play center , which is in demand among parents who come here for shopping. It is very convenient to leave your fidget under the supervision of professionals and enjoy shopping . In recent years, the popularity of play centers has been growing, as there is a shortage of after-school facilities.

This means that the implementation of this business is the right decision and, with a competent approach, will bring good profit. But first, let’s analyze and identify the negative and positive characteristics of this business area:

Consider the advantages of this business:

  • Demand. Parents decided to go shopping, but you can’t leave the child alone, in which case the room is simply irreplaceable, firstly, they look after the child, and secondly, it’s not as expensive as hiring a nanny.
  • Payback. The investment will pay off in a short time and with successful business, you will receive a net income.
  • The simplicity of the business idea. If we compare children’s out-of-school institutions and a playroom, it is much easier to open a room than, for example, a kindergarten, since it does not require a license and highly qualified personnel to open it.
  • Extension. Over time, the business can expand and open a network of children’s entertainment centers.
  • Business combination. Organization and holding of thematic birthdays and holidays will allow you to receive additional income

There are not many cons of this business:

  • Rents in a good location are usually high
  • There is a risk of equipment damage
  • Children can be injured, even with proper supervision.
  • Competition

Step by step business plan for children’s playroom.

Such a serious project requires a detailed study of the main vectors that will ultimately affect the profitability of the business. In order to comprehensively consider the project, a business plan is required, in which it will be necessary to work out the points listed below.

Market overview and competition analysis

First you need to analyze the market offers of competitors . What activities for children are there in the area where you plan to open a business? If there is a playroom for children in the area, be sure to visit it as a client to get acquainted. First of all, you need to know:

  • What are these entertainment rooms, quests, trampolines, etc.
  • The quality of the services provided, the work of the staff
  • The target audience
  • The occupancy of the playrooms (first of all, we need to see if the competitor is doing well, or there are five children a month there)

This analysis will allow you to develop an action strategy, minimize risks and find your niche in the entertainment business.

3. Choice of location and premises

To choose a location for a children’s playroom, you should start from the following factors:

  • What objects are located nearby: kindergartens, schools, cinemas, beauty salons, etc. All these objects are visited by our target audience, therefore, the proximity to them will be a plus.
  • Patency and presence of target audience, (parents with children)
  • Availability of suitable rental space

To select a room for a children’s playroom, we need to build on the following factors:

  • Rental price
  • The need for cosmetic or major repairs
  • Compliance with the rules and regulations of the fire inspectorate, SES, etc.
  • The area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room is the norm for one person – 2 square meters, therefore, for comfortable accommodation of 10 children, the area should be at least 20 m .;
  • In what place of the building will the room be located – ideally the first floor, the presence of a toilet is required

The game room must be bright, well-ventilated and decorated in bright colors, it is advisable to make a division into several zones , if the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room allows, then it is better to equip themed rooms for holidays in them;

Purchase of equipment and furniture 

Before proceeding to the calculation of the cost of the furnishings of our playroom, it is necessary to resolve the issue of the age category of children , since entertainment and games of different ages differ significantly.

If we expect that the main clientele are kids, then it is advisable to choose soft and large items, older children will already be interested in playing table hockey, modeling or painting with sand.

There must be a large labyrinth with slides and ropes, a dry pool with soft bright balls. Of course, this will be the most expensive equipment, but it will be the key element of the game room.

In addition, you can buy cars with electric motors, various rocking chairs, wheelchairs, toys, it all depends on the imagination and financial capabilities of the businessman. You should also calculate the cost of the required minimum furniture.Don’t skimp on entertainment.

Remember: the more toys and entertainment in the play center, the longer the child will want to stay in it and will also ask parents to bring him more.    

An important requirement: all furniture and equipment must be of high quality, meet state standards and be safe for the child.

The equipment of the game room directly depends on your capabilities and desires. The equipment must be new, certified, it is better to purchase from a manufacturer who will give guarantees and be able to choose a complete set for your premises. Below is an approximate calculation of the cost of a playroom in the amount of 10 children. 

Equipment for a children’s playroom
NameNumber of unitsPrice for 1 unitAmount, rub.
game mazeone90 00090 000
Trampoline230,00060 000
Game setsten100010,000
Toysthirty70021 000
play houseone25 00025 000
Pencil cases, for toys510005000
Tables for board games240008000
Children’s chairseight200016 000
Soft puffs215003000
Staff tableone50005000
A computerone30,00030,000
TOTAL  306 000


Recruitment is also an important issue in business, since it is the employees who will be responsible for the safety of children . The best option is if the employee has a pedagogical education, higher education is welcome, but technical education is also possible. Often, students of pedagogical universities are employed on a part-time basis.

When applying for a job, the following documents are required:

  • medical book;
  • certificate of medical examination;
  • education document;
  • if any, work book;
  • characteristics from the previous place of work;
  • certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record (the period for obtaining this certificate is 1 month).

During the interview, provide the applicant with full information about salary, work schedule, and his duties . Please note that the future employee must be neat, disciplined, responsible and able to find an approach to the child.

A small playroom typically requires 2 employees on a 2-day/2-day work schedule. You can apply an additional motivational bonus – the payment of a bonus based on performance. 

Determining the range of services

 It is important to decide what services you are going to provide:

  • perhaps it will be just a playroom in which children will be supervised by adults while their moms and dads go shopping;
  • you can organize leisure in the format of a mini-holiday, with hosts in costumes of fairy-tale characters and a competitive program;
  • or you will specialize in holding children’s holidays;
  • additionally introduce classes for preparation for school.
  • The design of a recreation area for adults and a mini-cafe will be an additional plus for attracting customers and increasing income.

! The main income is generated by the stay of the child in the room, on average, the child is in it from 1 to 4 hours.

Business registration

The next stage: business registration and execution of a standard package of documents. To register a business, you need:

  • decide on the choice of the form of ownership, the best option would be the form of ownership-individual entrepreneur, this will reduce the tax rate;
  • employees must issue medical books and pass a medical commission;
  • attach quality certificates of purchased equipment and toys;
  • arrange a consumer corner, where information will be presented – the name of the company, details, work schedule, list of services and prices.

How much money do you need to invest at the start

Now you can start calculating the minimum starting capital:

Item of expensesAmount, rub.
Business registration10,000
Cosmetic repair of the premises30,000
Equipment350 000
Room rental (1 month)15,000
Signboard, outdoor advertising15,000
TOTAL420 000 rub.

The minimum amount to start is 420,000 rubles , the maximum depends on your capabilities.

Monthly expense itemAmount, rub.
Equipment depreciation10,000
Payroll costs70 000
Advertising costs7000
Communal payments10,000
Outsourcing accounting7000
Other organizational expenses10,000
TOTALRUB 130,000

The cost of a game hour on weekdays will be lower than the cost on weekends and holidays. To attract customers, you can offer a discount on morning and evening hours, solemnly present a cake or a certificate for an additional visit when celebrating a birthday.

Item of monthly incomeAmount, rub.
The cost of visiting hour / rub.150200
Number of visitors per day20-3050-60
Income per day3000-450010,000-12,000
Monthly income 22/866,000-99,00080,000-96,000
TOTALRUB 146,000-195,000

With this calculation, the monthly profit is 16,000-65,000 rubles . 

Business profitability

Taking into account the calculated average income, the return on investment is on average from one to two years . The larger the city and the most successful location of the gaming center, the faster the initial investment will pay off. On holidays and vacations, the likelihood of receiving the highest income.

To attract customers, do not forget about advertising: YouTube videos, a website on the Internet, flyers, banners, a bright sign, loyalty to regular customers – this will help in attracting customers.

Possible problems and risks of business

Although opening an entertaining children’s room is a relatively safe business, but like any other business, it also has its own risk factors:

  • A responsibility. Remember that you and your staff are responsible for each child. Therefore, full control over technical processes and personnel is necessary. Do not allow even the slightest negligence on the part of employees.
  • Competition. Constantly analyze the business area, think over a business implementation strategy, quickly respond to changes in external factors;
  • Seasonality. Remember that there is a “off season” in this business too, usually this is summer. In such months, organize “weekend” events or children’s themed parties with costumes and a sweet tooth, children love to turn into princesses and robbers;
  • Sanitation. Make sure that employees periodically update sanitary books, do not go to work sick, be sure to quartzize and clean the premises, you have nothing to be known for.


The opening of a children’s playroom at the moment is relevant for any large city.

With a competent approach, a well-thought-out strategy and minimization of risks, this business will bring a stable profit and in two years will fully pay off the initial investment.

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