Business on the trade of non-freezing on roads and highways

The non-freezing business is an invariable attribute of busy highways and streets, with the onset of the cold season. It would seem that the business is simple to disgrace: I bought a cheaper washer fluid, loaded it into a car, stood in a place convenient for stopping motorists – and the money flows like a river.

But, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. There is a set of nuances with which we will try to acquaint you in the course of this article.

Business pros and cons

The advantages of this business include the following points:

  • Simplicity of the business model
  • Opportunity to earn extra profit in a short time
  • Our product does not rot or deteriorate.
  • It is possible to scale
  • Ease of doing business

The unconditional disadvantages include the following points:

  • Competition
  • Strong seasonality
  • Strong dependence of the level of sales on weather conditions
  • Difficulties with hiring employees

Step-by-step business plan for the anti-freeze trade

If you decide to approach the non-freezing trade seriously and thoroughly , you can’t do without preparation. Any successful business starts with planning. There are exceptions, but they only emphasize the rule.

You can also consider trading as a way to make quick money , a couple of times a year. Without preparation, and even more so without the execution of any contracts and permits. This maneuver might work. But, with this approach, there is not an illusory chance to run into a fine for illegal trade and confiscation of goods. Lose a lot of time, money, and nerve cells.

So, to planning . First of all, let’s sketch out the main questions point by point: what, where, when ? 

  1. What will we be selling? We need a reliable supplier of washer fluid. With the lowest possible price for bulk purchases. The cheaper the better. In pursuit of high margins, you should not get involved with manufacturers who do not document the quality of their products.
  2. Where will we sell? Business registration required. We need to conclude an agreement with the administration, if we plan to trade within the city, first select a “convenient” place for trading. If you plan to trade on the highway, you only need to issue an IP.
  3. When will we trade? The non-freezing trade is a seasonal business, so the answer to the question is obvious. When a figure with a minus sign appeared in the weather forecast, we should already have resolved the first two issues. Moreover, it is better to start trading not when the frost hits, but exactly a week before their onset. Many car enthusiasts will buy a freezer from you, knowing that they are about to need it.

Choosing a location for the washer fluid trade

It is best to trade antifreeze in places with busy auto traffic. At the same time, it should be convenient to stop next to you. It can be a pocket, or a roadside that is comfortable for the exit. Note also, gas stations are not suitable for trading . You will be escorted out of there quickly and possibly in a harsh manner. They do not need competitors on their land, because gas station shops usually have washer fluid.

Typically, places to trade meet one of two criteria:

  • Straight stretch of road , with the ability to slow down, at which you can be seen from afar;
  • A section of the road where traffic jams constantly occur .

How to find and choose a supplier

If we do not plan to create our own washer fluid production, we will need a supplier. Fortunately, with the current development of advertising services and bulletin boards , you don’t have to “invent a wheel”. The Internet is full of offers, you just have to spend time identifying the most profitable one.

What criteria to choose a supplier:

Needless to say, the first thing we look at is the price and look for ways to bring it down. As a rule, it is possible to achieve a more favorable pricing policy by concluding contracts for large lots. If you buy not a finished product from a warehouse, but order its production a couple of months in advance, the price will also be more attractive.

The second criterion is quality . Definitely don’t buy methanol-based washer fluid, no matter how attractive the price. Methanol is a strong poison. But the main thing, of course, is that the methanol-based washer is prohibited for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. (All because of the promiscuity of a certain contingent to drinking, in other words, because of the “low drinking culture”). In almost every other country there is no ban.

It should be noted that ethyl alcohol-based antifreezes are considered the highest quality , but the price for such products will be significantly higher, and it will not be so easy to find a supplier.On a note!

If the “non-freeze” has a suspiciously low price and does not smell, it is most likely made on the basis of banned methanol.

The most common washer is made on the basis of isopropyl alcohol. Without the addition of flavorings and additives, it stinks incredibly .

Warehouse space

The best option for a warehouse would be an ordinary garage . If you have it – great, if not, then you should rent it before the delivery of the goods. You don’t need to spread the word that you will only rent it for the season, otherwise it may not be rented to you, or the price will be significantly raised.

Immediately think over the logistics , the warehouse should be either near the house or on the way to the point of the intended trade.

Ask your friends and acquaintances, maybe they have some option where you can temporarily place your product.

You can also rent part of the warehouse , but most likely, warehouse space will cost you more than a garage on the outskirts.


In addition to the main heading of the washer, “cheap and angry”, you should, just in case, have a couple of canisters of elite anti-freeze, with surfactants and fragrances, on sale. For those buyers who care not so much about price as quality.

Staff and business scaling

We figured out the business model and the nuances of trading on the roads, then we need to somehow grow. And here we need hired workers with a personal car . Trading during the season gives a good income, so you can find people.

But the fact is that documenting your cooperation will not be cost-effective. If you are ready to risk the goods, and the employee is ready to risk falling under the article on illegal trade, or if there is an option to trade in a good place, risking nothing for a certain fee (if you understand what it is about), then why not.

non-freezing business

You can also visit the following places to sell our products, if you have quality licenses, these places can get good sales :


In order to get an even higher margin from trading, you should think about your own production of anti-freeze


For the official trade in non-freezing, it is required to issue an IP. The sale of antifreeze liquid does not have a separate code in any of the classifiers of OKVED codes. From the new Classifier, code 47.78.9 “Retail trade in non-food products” is suitable for this activity.

You will also need to issue an IP , you should not have any difficulties with this, the public services website has the most detailed instructions on this matter. No need to use servicesparasitesintermediary firms that will obsessively offer you the design of IP without noise and dust (their banners will haunt you for quite a long time, in all conceivable and unimaginable places). Also, we recommend less where to indicate your phone number. This is how you minimize the risk of becoming a victim of spam attacks on the subject of loans, legal assistance, and other information harassment pursuing any business.

To allow trading within the city, you should contact the city administration . Depending on the region, the set of documents will differ slightly, so it is better to call in in advance and clarify this point:

  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities or certificate of registration of IP;
  • List of products for trade;
  • Data of the head and chief accountant, bank details;
  • Vehicle passport.


How much can you earn on the trade of non-freezing

On average, antifreeze is sold locally at a price of 100 rubles per 5 liter eggplant. In a wholesale purchase (usually from 2000 eggplants), you will purchase it at a price of 35-45 rubles, depending on the quality. On a busy street or highway with good car traffic, at the beginning of the season, one point sells from 100 to 200 eggplants (depending on competition and the convenience of your point of location).

Further, sales will fall and in the middle of winter will fluctuate from 20 to 50 per day. Calculating the profitability of a business is not difficult. Net profit from one point is up to 10 thousand rubles per day during the peak season and from 1 thousand rubles per day when the season is on the decline.

It is also worth considering the cost of fuel and car depreciation . But here everyone has individual distances from the warehouse to the point of sale and the price of car maintenance, just keep in mind when you figure out whether the game is worth the candle.

Business risks

  • A supplier can slip a low-quality product, even a previously verified supplier;
  • Winter has not come, there is no frost, anti-freeze is not for sale;
  • If you trade on black, without registration, there is a risk of not paying off at a certain moment;
  • A major anti-freeze manufacturer has decided to establish its own local trade in the region and you can no longer compete with its price;
  • Car depreciation risk. Without wheels, we are like without hands;
  • We bought a large batch and did not have time to sell it in the season. Of the minuses, the cost of renting a warehouse, and frozen investments. But the advantage is that unsold goods can always be resold next year, it’s like investing in stocks (non-freezing prices do not fall, this currency is reliable like Fort Knox).
  • Unscrupulous employees can create problems.

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